January FREE Workshop Winner!

Written by Andrew Morrison

Oh I love the time of month when we notify the winner of our FREE straw bale workshop drawing! I always feel a little like one of Santa’s helpers and get a warm fuzzy feeling when I read how happy and appreciative the winners are.  This month’s winner is Ryan….congratulations Ryan! We are super excited you’ll be joining us at the Vernonia, OR workshop! World, meet Ryan: 

straw bale Workshop Winner

I am 35 years young. I am a novice herbalist. I practice yoga. I spend time in nature amongst the trees, plants, mushrooms, and creatures. I adore making herbal medicines for my friends and family – stirring, pouring, chopping, shaking, garbling, and giving thanks.

My husband Michael and I spent eight months in 2013 traveling through Ecuador, Peru and across the United States. Our journey was wild; ambitious; memorable; daunting at times, and unbelievablyrewarding at others. Our adventures were filled with long bus rides and even larger backpacks. We slept in tents; hostels; and huts, hiked through forests; mountains; and jungles, met and traveled with amazing people, learnt, unravelled, were vulnerable.

Why straw bale? I have spent time in two of the most amazing straw bale spaces. The natural energy of the space resonates with me. The affordability of constructing a straw bale home resonates with me. I tend to be quite non-committable. The idea of buying land or a house frightens me because it means I will have to stay put. But, straw bale is always whispering in my ear. Maybe I am finally ready to commit. I can’t wait to learn. Green blessings and much peace, Ryan O’Connor Wolik. Please visit my man Michael’s website: http://www.mfwolik.com/

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