Gravel in your toe ups. Is that enough?

straw bale wall toe ups

It’s the million dollar question you’ve all been wondering about: is it enough to have just gravel in your toe ups or do you need something more? Okay, it may not be a question worth a million dollars, but making a bad decision here can indeed cost you money. In some cases just a little […]

The Cost of Straw Bale Construction

Energy Efficiency

When people talk about the cost of straw bale construction, they often get things a bit muddled up. They either come in way too low or way too high. I’m here to set the record straight, hopefully once and for all.

The Impact of Design Details

straw bale house exterior

There is no question that the more elaborate your design, the more expensive it will be to build; however, there are ways to find that sought after balance that will please both your senses and your finances.

Financing a Straw Bale Home

Small house made of money in a hand

Perhaps the most commonly asked question about straw bale construction is: “How do I finance it?” Unfortunately, the answer hasn’t gotten much easier over the years as straw bale construction is still considered alternative to the mainstream and, as we all know, banks are not big fans of taking risks on alternative construction techniques. That said, there are some things that you can do to improve your efforts and increase your chance of receiving funding.

Minimizing Construction Costs in Straw Bale

Architectural Plans

When designing a custom home, it’s important to know you can actually afford to build what you design. These seven tips will help you hit your target and successfully build the home you have dreamed about without breaking the budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Straw Bale House?

Hood Mountain straw bale Home

This is without a doubt the most common question I am asked about straw bale construction. The problem is that answering this question is not easy. In hopes of reaching more people who might have the same question, I’ve outlined five things to consider when trying to get a handle on what your straw bale project might cost below. I’ve also included two examples of straw bale projects (the Applegate Residence and the Mountain View Cabin) and the material costs associated with them.

How Much Will It Cost?

money symbol in eye

A lot of people are excited about the idea of straw bale construction; however, they stumble a bit when it comes to estimating the cost of their potential home. So how is someone supposed to make an informed decision about what plan to buy and what that plan might cost to build? The answer is actually very simple: start with a rough estimate of the cost. Just a rough number will let you know if it is in your price range or not. If you want accuracy, you will need accurate plans. The only way to get accurate plans is to purchase a set of quality construction plans, specific to straw bale homes, like those on, or to design your own.

What Do You Know About Financing a Straw Bale Project?

House made of money

I am trying to compile as much information as I can about two major subjects as they relate to straw bale construction. The first is mortgages and other straw bale funding options. The second, which I will discuss in another post, is insuring a straw bale project. It’s no secret that the mortgage industry is […]

Build A Gorgeous, Affordable Straw Bale Home

perspective drawing of the Applegate straw bale house

If you have ever wanted a gorgeous, yet affordable straw bale home, this is the design for you. I work with people from all over the world who are looking to build their own dream straw bale home. One thing is always a concern: the cost. I know that times are tough for a lot […]

61 Year Old, Single Mom Builds Straw Bale Home for $10,000

chainsaw in window of straw bale house

Hi everyone. Gabriella here. The other day I received a call from a customer wanting to place an order for our Post and Beam DVD. We got to talking and I pretty quickly realized that I was speaking to someone with an extraordinary story. Excited to hear more we scheduled an interview and I trust […]

The Little Unknowns: Being Your Own Contractor Tips

construction plans

I recently worked with a woman who was acting as her own contractor on her project. The building she was working on was a small studio on her own land, which she already owned outright. Nonetheless, she wanted help with her project. The bummer was, she brought me into the mix a little late. She […]

Tax Valuation Appraisals With Straw Bale Houses –

tax valuation appraisals

I just received an email from a man who received his tax valuation appraisals after final completion. The property tax assessment turned out to be really high and he asked if there was any history of successful contesting of such assessments in my history. I didn’t have anything to offer him other than support and […]

A Quick Tip for Accurate Estimating –

sample take off sheet

There are lots of ways to estimate the cost of your house. The reality is that most homeowners turned contractors have very little experience with estimating and have even less experience compiling numbers for labor rates related to specific aspects of the job. As a result, many owner/builder or owner-contracted homes go way over budget. […]

The Cost of Plaster on a Straw Bale House –

People plastering a straw bale wall

I just received an email from a man I recently started doing some straw bale consulting for about the cost of plaster. He has received three estimates for the plaster work and he was unhappily surprised at the cost. The average cost turned out to be roughly $5 per square foot of bale wall surface. […]