Please Help Support Martin Hammer and the National Straw Bale Code Efforts

Martin Hammer

If you have not heard about the work Martin Hammer has done in developing the national straw bale construction building code, then you have missed out. Martin has worked tirelessly, and continues to do so, for all of us. He co-authored the code which was approved in the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) and has […]

Geico Insurance and Straw Bale

insurance for straw bale houses

Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I can’t help but notice how front and center the idea of a straw bale house is in this advertisement.

Easier Insurance and Lending for Straw Bale Homes

insurance for straw bale houses

The inclusion of straw bale construction in the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) has made it easier to get insurance and lending for straw bale homes. It may not be as easy as getting insurance and lending on conventional homes yet, but we are making major headway.

Financing a Straw Bale Home

Small house made of money in a hand

Perhaps the most commonly asked question about straw bale construction is: “How do I finance it?” Unfortunately, the answer hasn’t gotten much easier over the years as straw bale construction is still considered alternative to the mainstream and, as we all know, banks are not big fans of taking risks on alternative construction techniques. That said, there are some things that you can do to improve your efforts and increase your chance of receiving funding.

Getting Bank Loans on Straw Bale Houses

House made of money

We heard from one of our readers, Mary, this week who had been struggling to get a bank loan for her straw bale construction build. She wrote to share the great news that she had received the bank loan and we felt her idea was so creative and easy to replicate that we wanted to share her letter with you.

What Do You Know About Financing a Straw Bale Project?

House made of money

I am trying to compile as much information as I can about two major subjects as they relate to straw bale construction. The first is mortgages and other straw bale funding options. The second, which I will discuss in another post, is insuring a straw bale project. It’s no secret that the mortgage industry is […]

What Do You Know About Insuring a Straw Bale Project?

insurance for straw bale houses

Insuring a straw bale project has gotten easier over the years. Regardless of what you think about the insurance industry and how they help or hinder our economy, one thing is true for right now: home owner’s insurance is required in almost every scenario imaginable when building a house and living in it. Of course […]

Where Did All the Financing Go?

Small house made of money in a hand

So where did all the financing go for home construction, especially alternative housing? As we all know, world financial markets have taken a beating in recent years. “Taken a beating” may be an unfair statement. Perhaps “imposed a beating upon themselves” would be a better way to say it. Personally, I feel like they have created […]

Naming Names: Straw Bale Construction Loans

stack of money on top of plans

This being 2008, obviously the real estate market has taken a huge loss around the world and things continue to look bleak. How this affects people wanting to build a straw bale home depends a lot on their local conditions. The first and most obvious place of impact is in the mortgage industry. The industry […]

Insurance for Your Straw Bale House

insurance for straw bale houses

Insurance for Your Straw Bale House Finding a home insurance company willing to insure your straw bale home may be difficult or may indeed be impossible. This is not because they are not worthy of insurance but because many insurance underwriters are operating from a place of fear and ignorance. Many underwriters I have heard […]

A Loan Officer Offering Financing For Your Straw Bale Home

Small house made of money in a hand

Many people ask me about financing a bale home. I work almost exclusively with a local banker here in Southern Oregon. He has integrated an excellent program and has linked it with other bank branches around the United States. He can therefore fund Straw Bale homes in just about every state in the Union! He […]