You HAVE to Know Your Critical Path on Your Build

Written by Andrew Morrison

time melting awayPerhaps the most important aspect of any home construction project is a critical path. This is the time line that you must create for the completion of your home. The path is so important because it shows you exactly when things need to happen in order to keep the house on track for a desired completion date. This is the only way to ensure that the project does not go on forever!

With a good critical path, you can inform sub contractors when they will be needed on site long before they actually need to be there. Of course, when you miss specific deadlines, it will affect the rest of the critical path so be sure to update it frequently. Whenever you update the path, be sure to contact all affected parties (subs and suppliers) and give them new dates for their work. your subs and suppliers will appreciate the amount of lead time and detail you are giving them and it will make the whole job easier to handle and predict.

Creating a critical path takes a lot of understanding about what is involved in the home construction process and it also takes an understanding of how long each phase should take. Creating a critical path with no building experience is not a good idea so be sure to hire some one who has the experience you need to create a realistic critical path for your job. Editing the critical path as adjustments are made is more simple and can be handled by anyone with basic computer knowledge and a grasp on the construction process at hand.

I offer critical path services for those of you interested in building your home with a guideline and map to success. The path is often offered as part of my consulting services, and I also offer them as individual packages for home builders. I can’t say enough how important these paths are so if you don’t know how to create one yourself and you don’t want to hire me, then hire a contractor in your local area who knows how to build with bales to create a path for you. It is well worth the investment!

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