Chiloquin, OR Hands-On Straw Bale Workshop taught by: Andrew Morrison

Are you excited about the idea of living in a straw bale house but unsure of how to make your dream a reality (or are flat out terrified to even get started)? Join us at our seven-day, hands-on workshop!

Our workshops are designed to meet the needs of both the novice builder and experienced contractor. Andrew’s grasp of construction technology, with over 20 years as a professional builder, comes through in his ability to explain each detail in a way that benefits all participants. Our goal is to prepare you with a truly well-rounded educational experience so when it comes time for your build, you have the confidence to handle anything that comes up from construction hiccups to personal stress management.

So, come and join us…we would love to have you with us! Our workshops are rewarding, engaging, highly informational, and an absolute blast! Truly, much, much more than just a workshop!!

In The Host's Own Words

Hello all you amazing current and future straw bale builders! My name is Carol and I’ll be your host for this workshop along with my daughter Megan, my daughter-in-law Christie and my 4 year old grandson Lincoln. The house we’re building is 1.5 miles north of the little town of Chiloquin which is 30 miles north of Klamath Falls in southwest Oregon. The largest town nearby with an airport is Medford, 80 miles west.

This is a very interesting area with a large tribal population and lot of cultural diversity. Chiloquin is at 4180 ft elevation, is traversed N to S by the Williamson river, which is joined by the Sprague river from the east and is surrounded by mountains and forest.

My property is a 2 acre parcel adjacent to Megan & Christie’s 4+ acres, both with Williamson river frontage. Building this house has been a dream/plan of mine for nearly 20 years and I’m still amazed it’s actually happening.


The build site is a flat area that was once cattle pasture, the river forms the western edge of the property, to the north is Megan & Christie’s log home and whichever way you look you can see pine forests and mountains. There is plenty of room for camping.

Weather in early August will probably be in the 80s and 90s during the day, dry and sunny with nighttime temps in the 50s and 60s. Probably zero rain.

Currently on the property are a temporary greenhouse, not in use, a small old barn which will shelter the straw until it’s used and then be torn down with the wood salvaged for other uses, an old chicken coop, also due to be torn down, and 2 smallish buildings that make up my pottery studio.

I hope to eventually build a new straw bale studio but a place to live comes first. I also want to begin developing a food forest using permaculture techniques. …Possibly more plans than time and energy I’m afraid. 🙂

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The house is a modification of Chris Keefe’s Sierra Verde ( with a shed roof, passive solar design and a solar array on the south-facing porch roof. It has a 1200 square foot footprint with 990 interior square feet. The original plan had 2 bedrooms but I had Chris open it up so instead of a second bedroom I have a workroom for sewing and whatever other fiber arts I get involved in. I also added some curved walls and log beams in the ceiling.

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While you’re here you’ll have access to the river of course, but be forewarned the water temp hovers around 50 degrees F so swimming is about a 5 minute affair. However we’ll have a couple of kayaks and a paddleboard available for your use if you have any energy at the end of the day.

There also is hot tub facing the river on Megan and Christie’s deck you are welcome to use, no leftover energy required.



If you want to spend some extra time in the area there are many things to do in the Klamath basin. Top of the list is Crater Lake, approximately an hour north of here. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US at nearly 2000 ft. The lake was created by the eruption of
the Mt Mazama volcano 7700 years ago and is fed entirely by rain and the 40+ feet of snow that falls there every year. It’s a pretty amazing place.

The Williamson and nearby Wood rivers are renowned for their world-class fly fishing. I don’t fish but I have this information on good authority!

Other activities in the area include Train Mountain railroad museum 4 miles away, Collier state park logging museum 6 miles down the road, 2 Rivers Art Gallery in Chiloquin, kayak rental in Chiloquin, lots of national forest hiking and camping and many more things I haven’t thought of.

We look forward to meeting and hosting you on our very special build!

What's Included in Your Tuition?

All workshop participants receive the following with their registration…


"A Modern Look At Straw Bale Construction"
($24.99 Value)

Instant Download

"Be Your Own Contractor"
Instant Download Videos
($34.99 Value)

Five Step-By-Step Instructional Videos

Instant Download Videos:
Concrete Framing Post And Beam Load Bearing Lime Plastering
($79.99 Value)

Top Notch Instruction From Andrew (priceless!!!) Plus...

3 Healthy Meals/Day
Camping Space
Shower and Bathroom Facilities

Straw Bale Details

22 Page Instant Download Booklet
($20 Value)

Chiloquin, OR Hands-On Straw Bale Workshop

Is the Workshop Right For Me?

It Is If...

You don’t want to be that person that says “How hard can it be?” and then becomes the cautionary tale amongst your friends and family.

You want to save money by building your own straw bale house but also want to make certain that you avoid costly mistakes.

You’re an experienced builder but want to learn all the nuances & ins and outs of straw bale construction.

You’ve already designed your home, or even started to build. Now you’re running into a lot of questions and challenges and aren’t sure how to move forward.

You’ve never built anything before and don’t know if you’re insane for even considering building your own straw bale house.

Bale Stacking Details

Create strong and durable walls by learning the techniques used by master balers.

Retying And Resizing Bales

Master the fastest knot tying system to save time and money on your project.

Framing Considerations

Our framing system speeds your construction and lowers your budget.

Electrical Details

Learn how to simplify the incorporation of electrical wiring in your bale walls.

Shaping Bales

Create gorgeous curves and sexy transitions to create an inspiring home with the art of bale shaping.

straw bale round window

Windows, Doors and HVAC

Keep your house moisture & mold free with proper ventilation and window/door installations.

Creating Niches

Include pockets of beauty in your home with the installation of straw bale niches or “nichos”.

Cabinets And Special Installs

Master effective strategies to install cabinets, partition walls, and other special installations.

straw bale wall

Plaster Prep Techniques

Build a strong foundation for your home’s plaster and ensure years of protection for your investment.

plastering straw bale wall

Natural Plastering

Learn the art of plastering in order to create a beautiful and durable finish for your home.

Financing And Insurance

Navigate the confusing world of paying for and insuring your straw bale home.

Endless Q & A

Ask me anything related to your personal project or general straw bale construction. ANYTHING!

Your Mentor is Andrew Morrison

Andrew has over 20 years of professional construction experience and in that time has done everything from design and build his own house, work as a licensed contractor and developer, give a TEDx talk (and numerous other presentations), co-author a national building code, to host several step-by-step instructional videos on contracting and building houses, and much more. 

His greatest passion is teaching others how to build their own dream home and inspiring them to reach the highest level of their own greatness. Since 2006, Andrew has personally taught over 3,000 participants at his workshops. Through his kindness, sense of humor, and ability to teach complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms, his workshops are a mega-hit amongst his graduates. Make sure to bring your questions, curiosity, instruments (if you play any), and let’s have some fun while we build with bales!

Chiloquin, OR Hands-On Straw Bale Workshop

Here Is What Fellow Workshop Attendees Are Saying...

“You truly are an inspiring teacher. All who are lucky enough to be your students receive the great gifts of your expertise, your humor, and your belief that we can all make a difference one home at a time. It was such a great pleasure to meet you and to be guided by you. I hope to be able to repeat the experience in the future.”
Karen Pope
“Based on the information on the website and in the resource materials at I came to the Corvallis workshop with very high expectations. After a week of fabulous instruction and wonderful fellowship I am happy to report that my expectations were far EXCEEDED. Andrew is a teacher of rare talent. I will carry the lessons forward and am excited for the opportunity to use the new information to build our own straw bale heaven!”
Mary Bushman
“It is not only your experience that makes these workshops successful but your spirit and outlook on life. I was so impressed by how you can get a group of people to work so smoothly on a construction site, then at the end of the day still want to be around each other laughing and sharing. Once again thank you for such a great experience. Best Regards.”
Theresa Coleman
“This class literally PAID FOR ITSELF in the first day. The amount of knowledge that Andrew shared along with his ability to explain complex details in simple, easy to understand language made the educational aspect of this workshop amazing. AND, we had a blast!!!”
Clint Pinder

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Chiloquin, OR Hands-On Straw Bale Workshop

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Steps To Take

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