Construction Job Site Scheduling: Subcontractor timing

Written by Andrew Morrison

Construction Job Site Scheduling: Subcontractor Timing

clockWith straw bale construction, a number of sub contractors will have to make extra trips to your job site as compared with a conventional home. An example of this is seen with roofing and plastering. On the house we are currently building, the design has a series of towers above the main roof line. In order to properly time the process, we had to work closely with the subs.

The roofers had to come out and felt the roof and install the flashing at the base of the towers. Once the flashing was in place, the plastering crew needed to complete the plaster on the towers before the finish roof was installed to eliminate the risk of plaster dropping on and staining the finish roofing material. Before the plastering crew had access to the walls, however, we had to call in the painter so he could spray the eaves and rafter tails. This was worth the timing shuffle because it made his job much easier as he did not have to mask off the plaster.

The same is true for the plastering crew: no masking means quicker, cleaner work. You can see in the attached picture how the three items came together to create a clean and quality tower/roof connection. This is one example of how the subs need to be willing to work with and around each other. Electricians, plumbers, and other trades will have to be flexible for the project to run smoothly.

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