Australian Fire and Straw –

Written by Andrew Morrison

wildfireFirst of all, I want to extend a word or two of support and sympathy for our brothers and sisters down under as the fires of a heat wave have torn through their beautiful land. Having personal experience with wildfire, I know the challenges and hardships they can create. Several years ago, a roughly six thousand acre fire was stopped on my doorstep, literally.

The crews were able to steer the flames and squash them down into a manageable slot and snuff them out just a few hundred feet from the front of my house. We were evacuated at the time, and I remember the impact of the flames and smoke on my family and my animals. I remember having elk in my field, something that does not happen around here, because the smoke had flushed them out of the higher elevations. I can imagine what our brothers and sisters in Australia are experiencing and I send my emotional support out.

firefighter helping koalaBe sure to remember as these fires move through that straw bale homes are very safe in fire prone areas. They have a high level of fire resistance. They have been proven to resist fire much longer than conventional homes. When the impact, speed, and fierceness of wildfire comes knocking, it is comforting to know that a bale home can keep you and the ones you love safe. Of course, this is not to say that you could ride out a fire like the one shown above in a bale home, but that home will offer you more security against fire than a conventional home and that may just be the difference between saving or losing the ones you love.

Once again, I hope for rain and I send you thoughts of happiness and safety from up north.

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  1. Hi, we have just been through the Victorian fires at Chum Creek in Healesville. Fire raced through our area like a Greyhound. I am looking at new and exciting options to build a better house. I found this site. Thanks for your well wishes about the fires. We are all doing ok and are better people through having gone through this experience. Cheers V

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