Book Review: The Elements of Building

Written by Andrew Morrison

Elements of BuildingThe moment I started reading The Elements of Building, I knew that the author, Mark Q. Kerson, was someone I wanted to listen to. The opening section of the book outlines his “rules, ethics, and opinions” as related to the construction industry and within those elements lies a list of details which I have long believed to be essential attributes of a quality builder. Unfortunately, those elements are far too often ignored or simply absent in builders. His up-front placement of these key elements creates a positive foundation for the book and a worthy guidepost for any builder.

Mark follows his own advice throughout the book when he says “Break every large task. goal, or project into smaller parts.” He outlines every step of a very complicated business in a simple to comprehend layout that not only teaches, but inspires further learning. I have been a professional builder for 20 years and I found myself glued to the book, wondering what golden tidbit of knowledge I would discover next.

Whether you are an accomplished builder or just starting out, this book will help define the myriad of details that define a quality builder, contractor, sub contractor, consultant or any other professional working within the building industry. From personnel to suppliers, insurance requirements to code enforcement, and everything in between, this book lays out what you need to know and how to implement that knowledge successfully into your business.

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