Burn an Upside Down Fire for Efficiency

Written by Andrew Morrison

Drawing of an upside down fire stack

Have you heard about burning an upside down fire before? You can see in the image to the right from the website www.Feels-Like-Heaven.com just how to stack an upside down fire. It’s literally exactly what it sounds like, but the results are anything but expected.

I’ve also included a great video from our good friends Dennis and Leslie that shows you how to build a simple and super efficient fire that not only burns stronger, but gives off less smoke. What’s more, you’ll burn all of your wood in the most effective way. No more chunks of charred wood left in your ash pile. An upside down fire will give you the best burn possible and will heat your home, especially if it’s a straw bale home, so incredibly well.

Building an upside down fire, whether you’re camping or using the fire in your home fireplace, will change how you view starting fires. For some people, stacking and lighting a fire is a pain in the butt. Not anymore!

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4 Responses

  1. So, I blogged about Dennis & Leslies upside down fire too. Then decided to try it, even in my small, 16“ wide, wood stove. I am stunned at the difference when I start from the top. I would NEVER have believed it unless I tried it. I will now, always light my fire this way. It burns hotter, uses less wood, and is totally cleaner. I haven`t had to clean the glass on the door since I tried it over 2 weeks ago! Cudos to Dennis and Leslie and thanks so much for sharing!

  2. That is really interesting I am gonna try that, but I live in an area that has high humidity. When I lived in Montana and Utah, the wood was so dry, you could start a fire in the bathtub full of water .

  3. I just made my first fire for the year (I live in Canberra Australia) and it was an upside down one. It wasn’t as neat as Dennis but it is a beautiful hot fire. once I closed the door the heat started to come out about a meter away which usually takes a couple of hours for the first fire at least.

    I’ve passed this film onto my friends who will definitely be giving it a go.

    thank you for such a professional film and a brilliant idea. Wish I’d thought of it.

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