A New Resource for Straw Bales

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The bales you choose may be the most important decision you make on your house. In fact, the quality of your bales can literally make or break a project. There are several things to look for in a quality bale, which I’ve outlined in this article.

Wire Ties or Poly Twine Bales?

Baling Twine Colors

I’m often asked if using bales that are tied with wire is a bad idea or a good idea. The reality is that there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides of the question. I do have a preference though, and that is for poly twine over wire.

Straw Bale Broker Delivers Across the United States

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Looking for straw bales? I recently met a bale broker who can deliver quality straw bales across the US. He works with over 120 farms and many trucking companies to provide excellent service. I have used his bales and was very happy with them.

Some Mind-Numbing Facts about Ferncliff’s Eco Center

Straw Bale Eco Center Front

Last year’s straw bale construction workshop season started with a huge project: the 5300 SF Eco Learning Center at Ferncliff outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. In this article you can check out some mind-numbing facts of some of the “behind the scenes” numbers that go into building a house. Some of them are truly amazing.

Calculating the Number of Bales in Your Straw Bale House

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I am often asked how many bales will be needed in my client’s straw bale houses. I too have to know the answer to this on all of my own projects. There are a number of ways to calculate the bale requirements. Click the following link (www.strawbale.com/articles/straw_bales_house.html) to see an article I just wrote for […]

How to Calculate Bale Density

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HOW TO CALCULATE BALE DENSITY Most codes require specific measurements for the density of a construction grade bale. The code I work with calls for a bale density of at least 7 pounds per cubic foot of material. The bales I use measure 18″ wide x 14″ tall x 45″ long and weigh roughly 50 […]