Straw Bale Broker Delivers Across the United States

Written by Andrew Morrison

straw bale brokerI recently met a bale broker during the New York straw bale workshop. He delivered the bales for our project in Montgomery, and I was very happy with the bale quality. In fact, they were the best bales I have seen all season. I assumed he was a local farmer until he visited the site. That’s when I learned that he is actually a bale broker and that he can arrange for bale deliveries all over the United States. He works with over 120 different farms across the country and many different trucking companies. They not only deliver the bales but stack them on site as well. He is definitely worth the call if you are looking for quality bales.

Here’s his contact information:

Nick Fitzpatrick

845.901.1892 (cell)

800.747.3811 (office)

[email protected]

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  1. How far in advance should i or anyone else order strawbale for my house ? Thanks Federico “Fed”

  2. Nick from Adenbrook was the supplier for my bale construction project and he was amazing! The bales were great for building and their service was first class. Glad they are national now! I have a great photo of Nick single handedly unloading over 600 bales – can I send it to you?

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