Please Help Support Martin Hammer and the National Straw Bale Code Efforts

Martin Hammer

If you have not heard about the work Martin Hammer has done in developing the national straw bale construction building code, then you have missed out. Martin has worked tirelessly, and continues to do so, for all of us. He co-authored the code which was approved in the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) and has […]

Easier Insurance and Lending for Straw Bale Homes

insurance for straw bale houses

The inclusion of straw bale construction in the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) has made it easier to get insurance and lending for straw bale homes. It may not be as easy as getting insurance and lending on conventional homes yet, but we are making major headway.

Scheduling Subcontractors and Inspections on a Straw Bale House

straw bale house Dining Room

It’s pretty obvious that they are differences between a straw bale house and conventional homes. What is not so apparent are the differences encountered during the construction process. For example, the order of operations and thus inspections is different for a straw bale house.

Land Development Process Revealed

dream house image

Allow me to share with you what I have learned over my 20 years as a professional builder and land developer. All tweaks and adjustments aside, this will be a good footing to start out on for anyone interested in the start to finish process of finding, developing, and building on raw land.

We Have a National Straw Bale Building Code!

ICC Approval Hearing

This is perhaps the most exciting day in straw bale construction history. The proposed appendix on straw bale construction was approved at the International Code Council (ICC) Final Action Hearings in Atlantic City on October 4, 2013! As a result, we now have a national straw bale building code!

Tiny House Homesteading (Part 1)

Tiny House Cabin

I spent last week on the piece of land that my wife and I purchased this past February.  This is the first raw piece of land that we have ever owned together with the intention of creating our forever homestead. My intention was to meet with county officials, engineers, the power company, and two of […]

Please Support the Proposed Straw Bale Building Code

straw bale building code IRC

The creation and acceptance of a straw bale building code in the INternational Residential Code and the International Building Code would be a huge step forward for straw bale construction. Please suppor the efforts to get the proposed code accepted.

Help With Understanding the Code for Sustainable Homes

Energy Efficiency

The code for sustainable homes is an environmental assessment method for rating and certifying the performance of new homes in the UK. It is a national standard for use in the design and construction of new homes with a view to encouraging continuous improvement in sustainable construction. It was launched in 2006 and became operational […]

Inspire Others by Registering Your Straw Bale Home

round window in a straw bale house

Just a quick reminder to those of you who have finished building about the importance of registering your straw bale home on the International Straw Bale Registry Project through This is a great resource for other people who are looking to build their own straw bale home. I often contact people who have listed […]

Straw Bale Construction in Earthquakes

straw bale earthquake test

I want to start by sending Gabriella’s and my love, prayers, thoughts, and hope to all those effected by the recent earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand.  Clearly the tsunami in Japan was behind the majority of the death and damage, but the impact that earthquakes are having around the world on human populations cannot […]