New Green Construction Code Released by the ICC

Written by Andrew Morrison

international code councilThe International Code Council (ICC) has recently released the International Green Construction Code (IGCC). This code is intended for commercial buildings and will be integrated into the existing International Codes. This is not the same thing as LEED design, and is a new code in place to govern the green details of commercial construction. The key word here is “code” as it is not a guideline, but an actual building code.

The IGCC was created by a group of experts from advocacy organizations, government agencies, and industry representatives. The full IGCC will help smaller communities enforce green standards on their local commercial projects. The code is designed to work in tandem with such programs as LEED certification and other green building programs.

The IGCC also will create the most comprehensive code for implementing green water systems like rainwater catchment, reclaimed water, and grey water systems. This is huge because water, being such a precious resource, is very poorly managed in the United States and such green systems are often refused before any consideration.

The IGCC encourages the use of alternative power such as wind, geothermal, solar and more as well as the implementation of recovery and use reduction systems. It creates a platform to enforce strict green building codes while still remaining flexible for local situations on the ground.

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