Scheduling Subcontractors and Inspections on a Straw Bale House

straw bale house Dining Room

It’s pretty obvious that they are differences between a straw bale house and conventional homes. What is not so apparent are the differences encountered during the construction process. For example, the order of operations and thus inspections is different for a straw bale house.

Metal In Straw Bale Wall Assemblies

Electrical Boxes in straw bale wall

I know that the topic of metal in straw bale wall assemblies is a contentious one, and that is precisely why I want to bring it up and talk about it with you all. I have been saying for years that the use of welded wire mesh and plaster lath is essential to a quality bale house, and that sentiment has not changed. I want to quickly share my thoughts about using metal mesh and lath, and then hear from those of you who either agree or disagree with the practice.

A Review of Electrical Installations in Straw Bale Houses

arch in straw bale house

In this post, I will teach you the most up to date and highest quality installation techniques for installing electrical service in your straw bale home. Knowing these techniques is important whether you plan to do the work yourself or hire a subcontractor to do it for you. Chances are that any electrical subcontractor you hire will have very little experience in straw bale installations, and may have never seen the new techniques I have created for simplifying and improving the installation of electrical services in your straw bale house.

Mark Your Electrical Runs Well

electrical lines marked on a straw bale wall

When installing your electrical wires in the bale walls, be sure to take the time to mark them out clearly, post installation, with spray paint. This allows you to photograph exactly where the wires run. Picture yourself 10 years down the road wanting to cut a new doorway into an exterior wall and not remembering […]

Awesome Jigs for Making Electrical Spikes-

Electrical Spike Jigs

If you’ve ever made an electrical spike for your straw bale home, you know just how dangerous the process can be. At the seven day comprehensive workshop in Hurley, NY two participants and I created a set of jigs that make the process really safe and thus MUCH faster. I’d like to say thank you […]

How to Plaster Around Electrical Boxes

Electrical Plywood Plate

How to Plaster Around Electrical Boxes It is all too common for plaster to fill up electrical boxes and cause major headaches for the electricians during trim out. To avoid this, be sure to fully tape off all electrical boxes with red duct tape so that they will be well protected. The red helps locate […]

Scheduling a Straw Bale Build: Moving Power and Phone

wires in trench

SCHEDULING A STRAW BALE BUILD A house I am building is located on a rural lot that once held a mobile home. That mobile home had power and phone services to it; however, they were old and not suitable for the new, larger home. In addition, the underground pad mount vault for the power was […]

More on Electrical Work in Straw Bale Construction

installing electrical in straw bale wall

The conversation about electrical wires continues. Here’s a reply to my last comment that adding extra cost in the form of electrical conduit to an already costly building process is unnecessary. Comment Conduit is CHEAP ……. Look at the cost of Romex as compared to conduit and ordinary insulate wire. Conduit functions as your ground […]

Electrical Wires In Straw Bale Walls

ground fault interrupter

I have been a member of a straw bale list serve for quite a few years and every so often an interesting conversation emerges. This one is an ongoing debate about the safety of running electrical wires through straw bale. I’ll keep you posted as this conversation evolves. (The comments of other people are in […]