Amazing Couple Builds the Applegate Cottage on Whidbey Island

I met Paul and Sara in 2015, long before they moved into their very own Applegate Cottage, at my seven-day, hands-on workshop in La Grande, Oregon and was immediately struck by what an awesome couple they are. They had a work ethic like I’d not seen in years, and were always full of smiles and […]

The Importance of Having Time

Time for Gratitude

If you’re living your life like most people, you’re missing out on the actual experience of life and the joy it brings. Stop wasting time and start living by learning the impact of gratitude.

When a Straw Bale House Isn’t Green

straw bale house interior

I wonder if any of you knows why a straw bale house isn’t green. A straw bale house isn’t green because the wall system is only one part of a bigger system, and a small part at that.

Andrew’s TEDx Talk on Tiny House Living

Andrew Morrison TEDx Talk

This past October I was invited to Colorado Springs to give a TEDx talk on tiny house living, living within one’s means, and living a deliberate life that supports one’s joy and wellness. The subject matter will be a natural carry over to the straw bale community (who is comprised of so many amazing people looking for a […]

Andrew to be interviewed on the “Tiny House Chat”

Tiny House Chat

Do you love straw bale construction? Do you love tiny houses? Do you like what I have to share (you know…for the most part??) Then listen in while I am interviewed by Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life and Macy Miller of MiniMotives! We have really enjoyed getting to know those two and love what they are […]

The Joys Of Building

woman in wood fired hot tub

I recently completed teaching a workshop in Meadville, Pennsylvania which once again reminded me of how much fun it is to build a house with my own two hands. In the case of the workshop, it was more like 25 sets of hands, but the idea is the same. There is nothing quite like seeing […]

Straw Bale Tiny House

Learn to build your own tiny home - straw bale house

If anyone ever wondered if living tiny is possible while living in a straw bale structure, wonder no more. There are several options available to you and your imagination is the only limit of what might be possible.

What square footage is best?

pop up tent trailer Baja mexico

We received a great email from a reader this week speaking to the topic of what square footage is best, human scale and the tiny house movement so we thought this would be a great topic to bring into a larger conversation with all of you. In the quest to achieve a simpler and more […]

Thriving in Tiny in a 114 SqFt Cabin

Tiny House Cabin

For those that have been with us for a couple of years or more, you will know that my wife, Gabriella, 12 year old daughter and I spent nearly 5 months living out of a 110sqft pop up tent trailer in Baja, Mexico two winters ago (you can read that blog here). You will also […]

Tiny House/Straw Bale Framing Video

Tiny House straw bale cabin from framing video

If you’ve been wanting a How-To guide to Framing Video to add to your collection, the wait is over! Straw bale construction is a wonderful building technique whether you are building a tiny house or standard size home.  It offers walls that are not only three times more fire resistant than standard construction but also […]

Straw Bale Construction in Thailand

straw bale house in Thailand

As Thailand is a large rice producer, with up to 2 crops per year here in the north, there was a lot of rice straw left standing in the fields after harvesting, either by hand or machine, and most of it was burned to clear the way for more planting. I thought, why not use this neglected resource and build a small cottage.