Beautiful Colorado Straw Bale Home For Sale on 36+ Acres

Written by Andrew Morrison

Here’s a beautiful Colorado straw bale home for sale on 36+ acres! This sounds like an amazing property with potential to be a horse property if one were so inclined. If you would like more information on the property, please write a comment here and I’ll forward it on to the agent. I’ll let the real estate agent tell you about it in her words.

This two story post and beam home with straw bale insulation was built in 1997. As the real estate agent who sold them the land I was invited to participate in the stucco party hosted by the owners. It is a day I will never forget. Now the owners are ready to give up their dream home to move closer to family. This home sits on 36.03 acres that is nice and level for horses, although they have not kept horses on the property.

Both properties are offered for $799,900, or separately at $350,000 for the barn and acreage and $499,999 for the straw bale home, greenhouse, garage and acreage. Here are some more pictures for you to check out.

Outside the French doors is the patio with fireplace. The home area is surrounded by a straw bale fence. Adjacent to this property is another 35.89 acres with large barn and apartment.

They do have a 22 by 48 foot greenhouse with plenty of garden space that gets lots of sun. The house itself is 1752 square feet. On the main level is living room with wood burning stove, roomy kitchen and dining area. One bedroom, one full bath and mud/laundry room complete the main level. Upstairs is the master bedroom, 3rd bedroom and a two part bathroom with new shower and claw foot tub.
Colorado straw bale home for sale


fox on straw bale wall

Colorado straw bale home for sale

tipi and greenhouse

Colorado straw bale home for sale

living room
straw bale house kitchen
Colorado straw bale home for sale

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10 Responses

  1. My husband and I have been interested in straw bale construction for years and have been looking around. Finally we found a master craftsman post and beams guy who build a straw house in our area. So one day we found the guts to ask him about it, and if he would do it again.
    Superb home from the outside and shared with us that if he had to do it again especially in Canada he would put a vapor barrier inside and outside. What do you think? I would like your opinion on this. His reason for it being the straw is hollow and let the heat in and the cold out. Is this true?

    Carolle & Roland From BC Canada.

  2. Hi Carolle and Roland. Thanks for your message. I completely disagree with the need for a vapor barrier. When properly plastered and detailed, a straw bale home will perform beautifully in even the coldest climates. We have built bale homes across Canada, the Northern US, and Europe with great success. One home we worked on in Ottawa had issues with heat loss until they completed the plaster. Three coats of plaster are required to create the “seal” that you need for proper energy efficiency. Bale homes tend to offer three times the efficiency of conventional homes, so heat loss won’t be an issue for you. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi there, I would like to know if this strawbale home is still for sale? If so, please send info, location, etc. for a viewing. We currently live in Colorado. Thanks! Charles

  4. Hi Deirdre. There are no major requirements for keeping bales mold free as long as the house is well designed and built. The biggest thing, as you note, is keeping the bales dry both during construction and for the life of the home. There is no such situation where it is okay for bales to be left exposed to the elements before stacking. Once in the wall, they can handle a little water as long as that water is on the sides of the bales and not on top. Water that falls on top of a bale will soak into the middle and be all but impossible to remove. Bales that get wet on the sides will dry out as long as it’s not a major soaking. We spray the bales with a hose prior to plastering and that dries in time as well. Again, don’t go crazy with the water, but a little is needed for a proper plastering job.

  5. Hi Timbo, I love your philosophy about building ecologically & socially responsibly. I’m looking into buying land somewhere in the vicinity of Grand Junction to build a straw bale house. How could I get help from you & your company in Grand Junction? Thanks, Michele Miller

  6. Oh, thank you, Michele. That is really kind of you to say. We try and provide straw bale construction help to everyone no matter what stage of their process they are in. From just learning about straw bale building to selling a long-loved straw bale home. Here is a starting list of ways we can help.

    • – Our website offers a plethora of information and resources to help you start your straw bale build.
      • Check out our Start Here! page.  Here you will find a list of resources to get you going on your straw bale home journey.
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    • Custom home design
      • Translating your vision or concept to construction documents that can be followed and built from. – Colorado and workshop host builds only

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