Gracious Country Straw Bale Home & Big Adobe Studio in Sunny Southern Oregon

Written by Andrew Morrison

straw bale house exteriorI think that listing this property for sale on my website is an interesting example of the full circle of life. It was this house that really inspired me to commit myself to straw bale construction. I worked on this house as a helper and found a real desire to make my living around straw bale projects. This property has also been an inspiration for several of my past clients. When they would come to visit this area in hope of moving here, they would either visit Hummingbird or stay at the Bed and Breakfast. I knew, on some level, that if they were to stay there, their commitment to this area and to straw bale construction would be complete. It’s really that special of a place! Here’s what the owners have to say about it:

There are many catch-words used these days to describe energy efficient homes built with natural materials and respect for the land: green, eco-friendly, passive solar, low impact, non-toxic. The property described here is all of these things plus the energy of the artist-owner-builders and all the volunteers and craftsmen whose good will is embedded throughout. Hummingbird is not just a “must see” place but a must “feel”. People feel it all the time- like the repair man who recently asked “Is this a straw-bale house? The whole place felt different as soon as I drove in- it felt good.” and the B&B guests who wrote comments such as ” The house felt like a living thing…the curved stucco walls an embrace.” and “When I stepped into Hummingbird I felt a peacefulness.”
straw bale house exterior
Now this property is looking for enthusiastic new owners. For those who would choose a life in the thoughtful lane, we hope you will visit. The sunshine, the quiet and a canopy of stars all await you.

Check out this short video to learn more about the magical property that is Hummingbird.

straw bale house interior

straw bale house kitchen

straw bale guest cabin

straw bale house drawing

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