The thousands of unique visitors who visit each day are looking for solutions to their problems. They are not just straw bale enthusiasts but also people looking for green building solutions. Here are a few typical questions we get asked on a regular basis:

* What’s the best kind of wood to use for building my house?

* Do you know of any mortgage companies who can handle green construction?

* Which flooring product is best for my house?

* Are their any contractors specializing in green building?

* Are there architects and designers who specialize in green building?

* What paint should I use?

Some Quick Resource Center Advertising Facts:

* Cost – a basic listing is FREE!!!

* Demographics – most visitors are homeowners and the majority have either built or intend to build a green home

* Traffic – Thousands of Unique Visitors per Day

* In 50 words or less, describe your business/services as well as contact info and website if you have one.  Please let us know what state your business is based out of if it’s not obvious in your business description.

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