Straw Bale Home and Organic Farm for Sale

Written by Andrew Morrison

straw bale home and organic farm for sale
Beautiful 6 acre property in the Applegate Valley or Southern Oregon located in the hills between Medford and Grants Pass, Oregon. The custom built straw bale home and organic farm for sale is 1500 SF with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It was built by the owner who was also my lead carpenter and lead baler at the time.

The home has an open floor plan, radiant floor heat, wood stove, custom kitchen with stainless steel appliances, pantry and root cellar. The master suite opens to a deck, and has a beautiful bathroom with a travertine tile 2 head shower. The home, completed in 2008, also has a wrap around deck, high speed internet, and grid-tie solar system.
small creek
There is a pond and seasonal creek on the property which help irrigate the established organic gardens, orchard, medicinal herb gardens, and 2000 SF greenhouse. As a working organic farm, there are also agriculture buildings, a 16’x24′ shop, and chicken and goat facilities. Everything you need to step into farm life is already in place. The property backs to BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) which is beautiful and undeveloped. The property has a 20+ GPM well and new septic system. The owner is moving out of town and will be leaving behind an amazing property for someone to swoop up! If you are interested, please contact me via this blog and I will set you up with the owner. The property is listed for a mere $445,000 with everything above included in that price.

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  1. Wow. They stole my wish list. Of course, I couldn’t afford anything at that level w/o winning the lottery, but still! Best of luck in selling it to an appreciative owner who will love and care for it as it deserves.

  2. Can you tell me more? would they be willing to do a lease to own versus straight purchase? which town is it in? my husband and i have considered moving to oregon, but need to research about job availability. one of us would need an outside job

  3. Hi Jenna and Brit. I have forwarded your messages and email addresses to the home owner. I expect he will contact you soon. Thanks for your interest and let me know if you don;t hear from him. I want to make sure he gets my (and your) message.

  4. Please put me in touch with whoever can answer questions about this property and provide pictures. I own a very lovely home of similar value in Sedona, AZ. Would the owners entertain a trade?

  5. Hi Karen. I know that they have a new property on which they plan to build another straw bale home here in Southern Oregon. I am not sure if they would entertain the idea of a trade, but it is worth a shot.


  6. That’s funny, i just got this info from my girlfriend in chicago. Hey Andrew, the world is gettin smaller and smaller.

  7. i would be interested in volunteering my time to learn and help build a straw bale home so when i own property soon I’ll have knowledge and experience.

    also i am looking for info on green home grants from the gov’t. i market sustainable businesses, materials and products for a living. thanks for the great site andrew!

  8. Is this home still on the market? Extremely interested, wish I would have seen this when it was first posted!

  9. I would just like to point out that you stated (Andrew) that this home was a mere 445,000. I do not know where mere and 445,000 can exist together unless you are bill gates. It is just like our country and hybrid cars, very efficient on a resource level but not on the pocket book. The people who need efficiency the most can not afford it, in this country. Including strawbale homes apparently

  10. i am very interested in the the straw bale home on 6 acres. hope it is for sale. please connect me to owners.
    thank you

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