Help Our Friends In Romania Get Straw Bale Construction Off The Ground

Written by Andrew Morrison

Here in the US (and in many other countries), straw bale construction is pretty widely accepted. There are supporting building codes, resources and products sold in English. But this is not the reality in many countries around the world and it is up to highly motivated, passionate folks like our friends Maria and Grzegorz to pound the pavement and get the word out there.

Grzegorz and Maria have done an awesome job of getting the word out in Romania and now are asking for support in the form of an IndieGoGo campaign. They are raising money to be able to go to one of the largest building expos in Romania where they can get information about straw bale construction in front of a huge amount of people. We hope you will support them reach their goal and take a step towards making Romania one of the hot spots for straw bale construction.

To visit their campaign, please click HERE

man atop large straw bales

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