Now this is what I’ve been waiting for! I’ve read all the straw bale books on the market and they’re all good, but they just can’t compare to the detailed step-by-step instructions in your videos. Keep ’em coming!
Heart shaped niche in plaster
TC Martindale
The Three videos are absolutely the best thing I’ve found in the Straw bale building industry. Thanks again for all your hard work helping other’s with their Straw Bale Dreams.
Heart shaped niche in plaster
David Noe
Andrew has a vision, focused but directed, ideas but unconstrained. He is one who will find a path to benefit us all while being commensurate with the setting and natural processes. I am looking to his latest contributions.
Heart shaped niche in plaster
Bob Foster
You truly are an inspiring teacher. All who are lucky enough to be your students receive the great gifts of your expertise, your humor, and your belief that we can all make a difference one home at a time. It was such a great pleasure to meet you and to be guided by you. I hope to be able to repeat the experience in the future.
Heart shaped niche in plaster
Karen Pope
Andrew Morrison’s great instructional video covers all aspects of building a post and beam type Straw Bale building. I must say that on a ‘return on investment’ basis this video beats any SB book several times over, hands down! When you take into consideration the cost of SB books and then add the extensive time needed to read them, try to make sense of the diagrams and descriptions, its easy to see how a small investment on this video is a great deal either as a starting point to learn about SB building or as an extension to your existing reading. Even if you have some practical experience its unlikely that Andrew’s video isn’t going to pay for itself several times over.
Heart shaped niche in plaster
Trevor Cryer
I must say I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever had a response and resolution via email ever and I spend around 95% of my money online so that’s an awesome feat!
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I. Kirkpatrick
I have you guys to thank for the monumental shift in my life and honestly, it has been the best set of decisions I’ve ever made to better myself and it all started with attending the workshop in Killdeer ND two summers ago.
Heart shaped niche in plaster
Doss Palmer
I have had a dream of building a straw bale home for myself for a very long time. Buying your videos was a huge step for me in moving towards that dream, it feels really good. I have been so impressed and aligned with how the team at Straw Bale Innovations have organized and presented information, feels so clean, simple and full of confidence. I am excited to kindle my straw bale passion’s flames. So thank you all for taking the time to be so detailed in all that you have created. I look forward to being a part of this community.
Heart shaped niche in plaster
Tanya Peters
Based on the information on the website and in the resource materials at strawbale.com I came to the Corvallis workshop with very high expectations. After a week of terrible weather, fabulous instruction and wonderful fellowship I am happy to report that my expectations were far EXCEEDED. Andrew is a teacher of rare talent. I will carry the lessons forward and am excited for the opportunity to use the new information to build our own straw bale heaven.
Heart shaped niche in plaster
Mary Bushman
Andrew, Thank you for all the great support that you are responsible for in the straw bale home ‘DREAM!’ I have been holding my dream for over ten years now and your DVD on Post & Beam Straw bale construction with the Plaster DVD are by far the best instructions that I have seen. Books are great but nothing has come close to the support that I felt from your video set. I have been looking forward to your next instructional DVD with great expectation. Keep up the good work!
Heart shaped niche in plaster
Steve Petersen
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
I have attended workshops on Straw Bale construction and bought several books on all aspects of straw bale construction and finishing, and have found these videos to be the absolute best, most informative, and easiest to understand if you want to build using straw bale. I look forward to new additions to this resource library to assist those of us that love the straw bale concept.
Heart shaped niche in plaster
C.A. Baldwin
Loa, UT
I always assumed there was enough info out there for a straw bale structure when I got around to building one but I did not expect the level of accessible information and professional support that Andrew Morrison is providing.”
Heart shaped niche in plaster
Paul Liotsakis
Alameda, California
Thanks to your Straw Bale Success lessons, I have decided to build a new home with Straw Bales. I would never have thought I would be able to do this on my own. Your videos and success stories have put me over the top and I am now ready and confidant enough to do this.
Heart shaped niche in plaster
John Simpson
Powell River, British Columbia
I really appreciated the video on plastering. Very practical and loaded with information. Nothing else available like it. Thank you.
Heart shaped niche in plaster
Lee Wright
Big Bear Lake, California
Finally someone offers a real ‘how to’ that explains building with straw bale! I have searched from place to place to find all the information that is provided right here in your videos!
Heart shaped niche in plaster
John B.
Gainesville, FL