Review of the DragOn Pro Mortar Sprayer

Written by Gabriella

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and in the case of Branislav Prvanovic, a Serbian innovator and businessman involved in the building trades, a gigantic straw bale building project turned out to be the mother load of necessities. Charged with the task of rendering 150,000 sqft of straw bale walls on his industrial complex, he knew he had to get innovative and quickly in order to get the job done. Here we enter the story of how a progressive couple, Branislav and Gorica (his wife), living in Serbia came to design and create what may become the new standard for mortar sprayers around the world: the DragOn Pro Mortar Sprayer.

DragOn Pro Mortar SprayerSerbia is a very small country in the Balkan region of Europe that is on it’s way to joining the European Union. This is an exciting time for this tiny nation and Brainslav and Gorica are on the forefront of environmental progress in the building sector of their country.

They are both passionate about building their industrial facilities as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. As such, in between 2007–2009, they brought together the best Serbian team of engineers and prepared for investing in the largest straw bale industrial facility in all of Europe (50,000sqft). The team chose straw bale technology because they love how sustainable, cost effective, healthy, and energy efficient it is.

In the process they intend to prove that it doesn’t matter if you are dealing with residential, commercial, or industrial projects, straw bale technology can be a solution for each of those situations.

When presented with the mega task of rendering the 150,000sqft of wall surface, they had to devise a solution that would produce excellent quality, be cost effective, and be able to plaster much faster than anything else on the market. Branislav, being the innovator that he is, took to the drawing boards and began to conceptualize a mortar sprayer that would suit their needs.

After many renditions, trials and errors, and modifications, they were able to fine tune the mortar sprayer to be a sleek, lightweight and highly-productive tool. At the time, they were calling this sprayer the “Revolutionar”, however, one day Gorica was looking at the sprayer and was struck by how it looked like a dragonfly. The sprayer has been called the DragOn PRO ever since.

The DragOn PRO mortar sprayer is a heavy duty pneumatic tool which delivers all kinds of plasters and rendering mortars to the walls surface quickly. One of the best details is the design ergonomics. It’s balanced well, so it’s possible to plaster for several hours without the strain that is typically associated with plastering work. Okay, it’s still hard work, don’t get me wrong, but it does take less physical strength to deliver the plaster to the wall than using a hawk and trowel.

It’s also cool that the DragOn PRO can apply all density mixtures with fillers up to 6mm including mortar of all types, plasters, clay renders, papercrete, and micro concretes. It works in conjunction with a compressor test which generates the force to push the plaster through the sprayer and out of the nozzle. Make sure you have a big enough compressor so that it can keep up with the required air supply!

One of the qualities we love about the DragOn PRO mortar sprayer is that it has been designed to be super easy to learn to use (it takes just minutes and can be used by pretty much anyone). We always appreciate innovations that are geared not only towards professionals but also towards the do-it-yourselfer. It weighs less than a shovel when empty and is actually quite comfortable to use (especially when compared to the job of applying plaster by hand with a trowel all day!).

It is pretty much indestructible so one can spray plaster with confidence. That said, if you don’t wash it after each use it will get heavier and heavier each time. I’ve seen that happen with other sprayers, and it makes the job more tiring and less efficient, so take the time to keep the tool clean.

It’s true that other mortar sprayers exist on the market today, however, Branislav and Gorica are confident that the DragOn PRO outperforms them all. They tout that their sprayer is significantly faster and more efficient than other sprayers because of the unique concept of their nozzle design and how it manages to spray the plaster. They have patented this solution in order to protect their innovation, so they obviously believe in it. The reception from buyers around Europe and the Southern Hemisphere has been tremendous.

The cost is reasonable and pays itself off after several working days, making it an obvious fit for not only professionals but also for owner-builders with their projects. Branislav and Gorica are also very pleased with how well the sprayer applies plaster in vertical, horizontal, slanted, curved and very high walls. I think the strong pressure of the application really helps in those situations too.

The DragOn PRO can be purchased at either wholesale or retail. The retail cost is 279€ and there is always an additional 10% discount applied for anyone that is building with straw bales. They also offer a retail program if you have an interest in becoming a retailer. By the way, Straw Bale Innovations makes no financial gain from writing about the DragOn PRO sprayer. In fact, we are not retailers or otherwise associated with DragOn, we simply thought this was a great product created by an amazing couple trying to make a positive impact on how green construction is developing in the world and we wanted to share their story.

Plastering is no easy task. Anyone who has done it can attest to the intensity of the labor and the time that it takes to do a job well. The DragOn PRO is a solution for easing this process. So, we want to thank Branislav and Gorica for believing in the benefits of straw bale construction and for creating a product that will make the plastering of bale walls much more manageable for everyone!  To watch a video of the sprayer in action click here.

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  1. I used one of these this spring and it was pretty easy to use -even pushing through coarsely chopped straw in the mix. Of course, while the tool itself is light, it is not at all light when loaded with clay!
    It also screams pretty loud, and some of our more ‘art’ oriented plasterers refused to use it (too heavy, too loud, not enough zen).
    It was FAR faster and in some ways more effective at laying on the plaster, which was then troweled on quickly and smoothly by a 2nd person. The spray reaches into some of the corners more convincingly than me pushing it into the narrower spots.
    I thought it was awesome and have borrowed it for use on my own strawbale house.

  2. Thank you Chris! Sounds mighty fine to me, and I’ll make sure to invest in good ear protection! (Perhaps with build in mp3 player so I can listen to ‘radio ecoshock ‘ while plastering?)

    Our DragOn Pro seem to be stuck in customs, I can’t wait to getit here; we have loads to use it for to prep up our strawbale house before we’re hosting 100 ‘balers’ from all of Europe/Ex-Soviet at the biannual European Straw Bale Gathering starting August 23 to 27th. Bane is going to be here himself and demonstrate all his various sprayers + he gives a special discount to ‘balers’.
    More about our event here: (click the esbg logo, then the UK flag). More about where it’s at on

  3. I understand the biggest improvements are in the air nozzles themselves and their effectiveness in spraying the plaster and the machine’s overall ergonomically comfortable design. I will leave this comment up for others to comment on as well.

  4. In the video, it’s clear there’s a lot of plaster overspray that gets into the project-site air. Anybody operating this device should be using respiratory protection and eye protection. To do otherwise invites silicosis and eye damage. The guy in the video has no protective gear and must be breathing a lot of this stuff. Poor guy in another 20 years.

    As for performance, it looks like the coat of plaster is pretty skimpy, and one would have to go over and over and over the same spot to build up an adequate cover over straw. Given all the stooping and lifting, is this really a good solution? Myself, I’d rather use a hawk and trowel — sure, it’s slower, but how could it be more work or harder on the body?

  5. quisiera saber si me lo pueden enviar al peru y a que precio me sale, me gustaria ser distribuidor de sus productos.

  6. We want a demo of plaster with dragon mortar sprayer in MAHARASHTRA-INDIA.
    Is there any supplier in INDIA can arrange the demo of the same.
    Contact: +919975338434

  7. Is there a North American supplier for the Dragon Pro ?
    I’m going to be doing another straw bale building and would like to use one.

  8. Hello everyone, my name is Matias, and I would realy like to buy dragon sprayer. But Im not able to find web site of the inventor nor the retailer:(
    I m from Slovenia wich was also former Yugoslavia like Serbia. If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful. thanks in advance:)

  9. Hi Matias. I do not know if DragOn is still in business. I have not heard from them in a long time. You can find a very similar plaster spraying machine here. If you choose to buy a sprayer with these folks, be sure to use my vendor code (NHL 95501) to receive a discount from the retailer.

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