• Mountain View Cabin Plans

Mountain View Cabin Plans


This beautiful and simple cabin is ideal for anyone interested in learning straw bale construction techniques and/or wanting a special space on their property. The cabin can be the perfect art studio, meditation space, guest cabin, quiet getaway, or even a tiny house. The space feels special no matter how you use it. As an added benefit, the structure has many of the details needed in larger homes so if you plan to build a full scale home at sometime, this is the perfect “test run” to get you off on the right foot. You will learn so much in the process of building this structure, and when you are done, you’ll have a beautiful cabin to boot.  It’s like a class that gives back!

 Benefits of the Mountain View Cabin:

• It’s size falls within most building codes “NO PERMIT REQUIRED” provision (The structure is 198 sq.ft. exterior dimension and less than 10′ tall from grade)

• Costs only about $5,500 to build when you do the work yourself

• PASSIVE SOLAR capabilities built right in, saving on utility costs

• Concrete slab foundation acts as HEAT STORAGE in the winter

• Concrete slab foundation acts as COOLING STORAGE in the summer

• Amazingly SOUND RESISTANT to outside noises

• PERFECT SIZE for someone wanting to build space efficiently

• BEAUTIFUL inside and out, creating an amazing refuge

• CODE APPROVED in all places built to date

• CODE READY PLANS are complete and ready for building dep’t review

• Exterior Dimensions are 12′ x 16’7″

• Built in WINDOW SEATING and wall details increase USABLE FLOOR SPACE

• SIMPLE WOOD FRAME construction



• 1 set of 11″x17″ black line PLANS. This is a working set of construction drawings from which you can build this cottage and includes:

Floor Plans


Framing Plan

Electrical Plan

2 Building Sections

Numerous Construction Details

Materials List


(10.5 hrs instruction):

The How-To Guide To Building With Straw Bales (Post and Beam) 2 DVD set (Retail $39.99).  For more information about this DVD click HERE.
The How-To Guide To Plastering with Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) (Retail $39.99).  For more information about this DVD click HERE.
The How-To Guide To Pouring a Monolithic Concrete Slab Foundation (Retail $39.99).  For more information about this DVD click HERE.

The How-To Guide To Framing For Straw Bale Construction (Retail $39.99).  For more information about this DVD click HERE.


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