Baling With Jumbo Bales

Written by Andrew Morrison

Baling with jumbo bales, by which I mean the REALLY large bales that require pretty substantial machinery to place, is possible. However, there are multiple considerations that need to be addressed to determine if the extra cost in foundation materials, plaster and roofing materials make it worthwhile. In this Straw Bale Minute, I address each of them.

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6 Responses

  1. Thank you for this post I’m looking at building with 3x3x8′ bales since they are what is available around here. One load will do the whole house and I am starting a farm so will have a tractor capable of doing the bottom 2 of the 3 rows needed to get my ideal ceiling height. Foundation is slab on grade so my only big consideration is roofing. However when weighing hauling in straw from far or having a larger roof it really only makes sense to go with 3 foot walls. Living in a location that often reaches -40 doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Depends on how you want the space to look. In most cases, the window bucks are similar to that of a standard load bearing wall, just deeper. You ay to provide extra strength to the top header though as the weight of the straw above can be very heavy.

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