Carol Atkinson’s Straw Bale Report

Written by Andrew Morrison

Woman building a straw bale houseThis is a very generous offer from Carol Atkinson. She traveled the world and prepared this straw bale report in that time. The straw bale report documents her study of straw bale projects from the United States to Canada and Europe. Please CLICK HERE to view the 62 page straw bale report.

She reports on twenty-six houses from California to Slovakia and almost all stops in between. There are recommendations on how to best create beautiful straw bale structures based on what she learned and also commentaries on the homes themselves. She also addresses the important topic of carbon sequestration and how straw bale construction can play a role in that.

It’s interesting to see houses I had never before been aware of and many others that I am familiar with all in the same straw bale report. Some of the houses look like they need some help with their design details while others appear to be excellent examples of quality design and construction.

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