Free Arkin Tilt Plans Offered for Victims of California Wildfires

Written by Andrew Morrison

Arkin Tilt Santa Cruz Straw Bale
Arkin Tilt Santa Cruz Straw Bale

I spoke with David Arkin earlier this week about the incredibly generous and caring offer that he and is wife Anni Tilt are making for those people who lost their homes in the California wildfires. I want to share with all of you their plan and offer a big thank you to both of them, along with structural engineer Kevin Donahue, for their kindness. I have included a snippet from the Arkin Tilt website below, and strongly recommend that you read the full article and check out the homes in question at this link.

For those of you who love these homes (that’s not hard to do as they are beautifully designed) but have not lost your current home to a wildfire, you can still purchase a set of the plans. A percentage of the sales will go to help offset the costs of offering the free plans and services, so you will be helping out with this great cause as well.  Please stay tuned to the plans page here on as we make those home plans available in the coming days.

Here’s the tidbit from the main article. Again, I hope you will read the entire story and share it with your friends. Here’s the link to the article once again.

Bay Area based Arkin Tilt Architects (ATA) has designed dozens of structures that utilize straw bales for insulation in their walls; the plans for two of these homes have been available for purchase through both and In response to this summer’s wildfires throughout California, ATA is offering the plans for these two homes, plus six others, to anyone who lost their home in the fires, for free. ATA has partnered with Kevin Donahue Structural Engineers—with whom they share office space—to provide a complete package of drawing and structural calculations to aid in the permitting process and ensure structural and seismic safety.

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