Getting Ready for the 2016 Straw Bale Workshop Season

Written by Andrew Morrison

We are getting ready for the 2016 straw bale workshop season and wanted to share with you a video slideshow that is sure to inspire. Ever wonder what one of my straw bale workshops is like? This will give you a taste. I can tell you that we have a ton of fun, learn mountains of information, build someone’s dream, and make friendships that last. Of course, we also laugh, work hard, eat well, play music, tell stories, tell jokes, get real, offer our hearts, and experience life fully. Yes, it is a life experience, not just a construction workshop.

Hope to see you at a location next year. The announcement for the dates and locations is November 27th on and we will start with sale pricing. Be sure to check things out early as locations fill up quickly. Stay tuned…

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  1. Greetings Andrew!

    I live north of Waco, TX and was wondering if there is or you know of folks/ contractors around that could assist me with pre-con/construction (ie footer construction and building codes/approval) for outdoor walls and fireplace.


  2. Hi Brian. I’m confident that any good contractor could do that for you if you have a good set of plans. An exterior landscape wall is pretty simple and the pre-construction stuff should be simple as well. I would suggest you contact Chris Keefe ([email protected]) to get help with the drawings. He is a great guy and does amazing work. Let him know I sent you as he is one of my closest friends.

  3. Hey Andrew! Quick question:
    It didn’t appear that you had any workshops in Montana this year but was curious if you had any coming up the summer after next? Also, I seem to remember that you had done a workshop in the Bitterroot somewhere, did you remember anything about permitting restrictions in that area? I know that there is now a national code for straw bale but was curious if individual counties could deny permitting reagardless of national codes.
    Thanks for your time,
    Aaron Fortner
    Missoula, Montana

  4. Hi Aaron. I don’t have my 2017 schedule in place at this time so I can’t say where I’ll be. In terms of codes, a jurisdiction could deny the code, but that is a bit of work, so most places just adopt it as is and then add addendums as they see fit.

  5. As the instructor of four classes (Green Buildings; Building Envelope Inspection & Testing; Alternative Energy Technology; and Codes for Alternative Energy, Efficiency & Conservation) in the Construction Technology Program at the Waco Campus of Texas State Technical College, I wanted to inquire about how to arrange for a field trip to straw bale constructed building in the Waco, TX area for maybe 20-25 students maximum. Can you please put me in touch with someone nearby who could accommodate a brief (1-hour) visit?

    Thank you.

  6. Hi David. Thanks for reaching out. Great idea, although difficult to do in today’s COVID times. I would suggest checking out the names of bale property owners on the International Straw Bale Registry when they get the website back up. It is currently being overhauled so is “down”. Once there, click on the state of Texas and then see who you can contact directly. Hope that helps.

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