Japanese Trowels for Finish Plaster Work on Straw Bale Houses

Written by Andrew Morrison

Japanese trowelsI got an email the other day from a company that works with Japanese trowels. These trowels are amazing, especially for detail work. The shape and flexibility of the trowels makes them perfect for working with detailed plaster jobs.

Japanese trowelsIf you have areas with small, hard to reach spots, like inside wall niche for example, you might consider using the mini trowels shown here. They are perfect for some of the smaller areas found in bale homes. Of course, I still love to use yogurt container lids for soft curves, but you can’t plaster an entire niche very easily with a yogurt container lid!

If you are interested in purchasing trowels like these, please visit www.LanderLand.com. Beyond the trowels shown here, they have some really cool inside and outside edge trowels and edgers. The trowels themselves are a work of art and they produce beautiful plaster jobs as well. Keep in mind that the Japanese are known for their attention to detail and that has not slipped past these trowels.

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  1. I met a women (Emily) down at the Steen’s property (Canelo project) who studied Japanese plastering in Japan and she swears by these trowels and the hawks too – I would definately check out the japanese hawks they are amazing.

  2. I also use some of the Japanese tools, which I was fortunate to purchase there, they are amazing. Indeed their trowels are worlds apart from our standard trowels we have available in our hardwares here in Cape Town.
    Similarly once you have used a japanese saw, which has a pull action, you will never want to use another kind again. Our tools seem so primitive in comparison.
    In Japan they take 3 years to qulaify as a professional plasterer of Shikwui and other earth based plasters!

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