Straw Bale Construction Tricks & Tips: Landscape Pins

Written by Andrew Morrison

landscape pinLandscape pins are something I don’t use a lot of; however, they can be a good friend when you need to stick the mesh or blood lath to a bale and sewing is not an option. One problem with landscape pins is they tend to fall out of the wall as fast as you stick them in. So, how to keep them put?

I use two techniques. The first is to install them at an angle to what I want to hold and then increase that angle buy turning the pin deeper into the bale. This is similar to using bobby pins in hair (according to some women I know). Another option is to use a set of pliers to bend the tips of the pins back towards the head or “U shape” of the pin.

By folding them back about 1/4″ or so, you create a barb that will hold the pin in place once pushed into the bale. This only works if the mesh you are attaching is bigger than the twisted end of the pins. It does, however work well to keep the pins tightly against the bales when used in the right application.

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