Straw Bale Design Articles


Here are some articles on straw bale design that you will hopefully enjoy and find useful.

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  1. A Designer’s Perspective on Straw Bale
  2. Straw Bale Design and Site Evaluation
  3. 5 Straw Bale Design Tips for the Winter
  4. 5 Straw Bale Design Tips for the Summer
  5. Designing for Straw Bale- Choosing the Right Size Straw Bale
  6. Straw Bale Design and Windows
  7. Designing the “Toe Up”
  8. Designing Well to Ease Straw Bale Construction Woes
  9. Straw Bale Design and the Roof
  10. Straw Bale Design and the Pueblo Style Home
  11. Organic Design
  12. Simple Design Details – a Little Detail Goes a Long Way