The Importance of Tool Organization

Written by Andrew Morrison

Tool OrganizationI don’t think that the importance of tool organization on a job site can be overstated. This is true for owner builders and professionals alike. Imagine how much time you can waste looking for tools on a messy and disorganized job site. When I was contracting, I had an enclosed tool trailer that I moved from site to site. It had everything in it, and I mean everything. What’s more, everything had a home and when something was not in that home, I knew it right away.

The picture above is not my trailer, but rather a workshop host’s excellent preparation for a group of participants coming to help build his structure. Tyler was very organized, and as such, things rather smoothly. I recommend you follow his lead and create a space for every tool you plan to use on your site. If you have a tool shed or shop, even better. Organize it to the T and you will be more efficient on every project you build. This may sound simple, but you might be surprised at how many people ignore this simple step under the assumption that it will be a waste of time. I guarantee you, it is anything but.

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Hi Andrew,

I have worked on two of your projects. One was mostly organized, construction went smooth and we got a lot done. The other not so much. Even though a couple of us regularly tried to collect the tools they were often left everywhere. Even though the projects were of similar size the organized one was much nearer to completion when we left.